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This is my digital portfolio and personal website.

The following is an interactive showcase of my work in broadcast and written media, mainly centered on my love of all things musical.

Feel free to look around or get in touch, and I hope you enjoy my work.

My Work

Explore my work as a presenter/producer
Explore my work writing critical and journalistic articles
Explore my work interviewing artists
Explore my work off-air at Bailrigg FM

About Me

I’m a 21 year old from Hull, pursuing a career in broadcast media with a specific interest in radio, production and music.

My interest in music and radio developed at a young age but began to flourish due to my involvement with Bailrigg FM, the student radio of Lancaster University, whilst studying for my Mathematics BSc.

These 3 years with Bailrigg FM not only gave me experience as a presenter but I developed my skills even further in the roles of Head of Music and Station Manager. I also wrote several times for the student newspaper.

I am currently seeking to expand my skill-set through further education and work experience.

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